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Altona: a Long View
Author: Priestley, Susan 1988 Hargreen Publishing Company in Conjunction with the City of Altona
Always Plenty to Do: Women in the Wakatipu, 1860 - 1920
Author: Bradshaw, Julia and Ruddenklau, Michelle 1999 Lakes District Museum
Always Ready : A History of RAAF East Sale
Author: 1993 [RAAF Publications Unit]
Amalie Dietrich: Ein Leben. Mit 9 Bildn Issen
Author: Bischoff, Charitas 1928 G. Grote'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung
Amarant: The Flora and Fauna of Atlantis by A Lady Botanist
Author: Woodruff, Una 1981 Dragon's World
America as a Civilization. Life and Thought in the United States Today
Author: Lerner, Max 1957 Simon and Schuster
America Great Crises In Our History Told By Its Makers (A Library of Original Sources Volume XI The Great War 1914-1916
Author: 1925 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
America's "War or Terrorism". Second Edition
Author: Chossudovsky, Michel 2005 Global Research, Center for Research on Globilisation (CRG)
American Architecture
Author: Kimball, Fiske 1928 The Bobbs-Merrill Company
American Architecture & Other Writings. Edited By William H. Jordy and Ralph Coe, Abridged By William H. Jordy
Author: Schuyler, Montgomery 1964 Atheneum
American Beauties. Decorations By E. Stetson Crawfor
Author: Fisher, Harrison 1909 The Bobbs Merrill Company
American Georgian Architecture
Author: Eberlein, Harold Donaldson anjd Hubbard, Cortland Van Dyke 1952 Indiana University Press