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Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream
Author: Young, Neil 2012 Viking an Imprint of Penguin Books
Wagon Wheels To Water Wheels: a collection of stories written by members of families who settled in the area now known as Deakin Shire prior to 1925.
Author: Tongala Family History Group 1993 Tongala Family History Group
Waihola 100 years: For the Celebrations of the Centenary of the Holmes Family at Arawata: April 1, 1887 - April 1, 1987
Author: Hawkes, Eddie (Compiled and written) 1987 Sentinel Times Print
Walhalla Heyday
Author: James, G.F. & Lee, C.G. 1977 Secretel
Walk No.18, 1967
Author: Schafer, A. 1967 Melbourne Bushwalkers
Walk Vol.21, 1970
Author: Schafer, Athol 1970 Melbourne Bushwalkers
Walk Vol.23, 1972
Author: Schafer, Athol 1972 Melbourne Bushwalkers
Walk Vol.24, 1973
Author: Baker, Warren 1973 Melbourne Bushwalkers
Walk Vol.27, 1976
Author: Wilkinson, Max 1976 Melbourne Bushwalkers
Walk Vol.28, 1977
Author: Oldfield, Dave Melbourne Bushwalkers
Walk Vol.31, 1980
Author: Bullard, Peter 1980 Melbourne Bushwalkers
Walk Vol.32, 1981
Author: Bullard, Peter 1981 Melbourne Bushwalkers