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Ma Poupée Journal d'Ouvrages des Petites Filles. 1er Décembre 1908 - 1er Novembre 1909
Author: Françoise Tedesco
Macgibbons Pictorial Drawing Book for Marine Engineers. Ministry of Transport Examinations Steam and Motor. Seventh Edition
Author: Barr, Hugh and Holburn, James G., 1965 James Munro & Co. Ltd.
Macrobiotica in Cucina Ricettario
Author: Pedrotti, Walter 1988 La Casa Verde
Madame Chrysanthème
Author: Loti, Pierre Calmann Lévy
Made in Shepparton: The History of J. Furphy & Sons 1873 - 1998.
Author: Barnes, John 1998 J. Furphy and Sons
Madhouses, Mad-doctors, And Madmen: The Social History Of Psychiatry In The Victorian Era.
Author: Scull, Andrew 1981 The Athlone Press
Madness and Social Representations: Living With the Mad in One French Community. Translated By Tim Pownall, Edited By Gerard Duveen
Author: Jodelet, Denise 1991 University of California Press
Madonna: A Magazine for Children of Mary Vol. XIII
Maffra: The History of the Shire to 1975
Author: Kemp, (Mrs) Doris 1975 James Yeates & Sons (Printing)
Maggie's Farm
Author: Beer, Maggie 1993 Allen & Unwin
Maggie's Table
Author: Beer, Maggie 2005 Lantern an Imprint of Penguin Group
Magil's Linear School Bible. Hebrew Text and English Translation. The Five Books of Moses
Author: Magil, Joseph Hebrew Publishing Company