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P.G. Wodehouse: a Literary Biography
Author: Green, Benny 1981 Pavilion Books/Michael Joseph
Paddle Steamers to Cornucopia: The Renmark-Mildura Experiment of 1887
Author: Wells, Sydney 1986 The Murray Pioneer
Painting Watercolors from Photographs
Author: Shook, Georg and Witt, Gary 1983 Watson Guptil Publications
Pamphlets: Proclama al Popolo Irlandese & Confutazione Del Deismo: Dialogo a Coloro Che Sanno Capire.
Author: Shelley, [Percy Bysshe] Istituto Editoriale Italiano
Papa Martel: A Novel in Ten Parts
Author: Robichaud, Gérard 1962 Hodder and Stoughton
Papua New Guinea ....a Guide to Growth
Author: 1971 Australian Government Publishing Service
Parasites Human Disease
Author: Crewe, W and Haddock, D. R. W. 1985 Edward Arnold
Parasitism: The Diversity and Ecology of Animal Parasites
Author: Bush, Albert O.; Fernández, Jacqueline C.; Esch, Gerald W.; Seed, J. Richard 2001 Cambridge University Press
Pass the Butter - Please": A History of Dairying in the Southern Riverina
Author: Barnes, J.P. 1987 The Author
Author: Della Croce, Julia 1997 Dorling Kindersley
Pastoral Pioneers of Port Phillip. With a Foreword by H.M. Strachan
Author: Billis, R.V. And Kenyon, A.S. 1932 Macmillan & Company
Pastures New: An Account of the Pastoral Occupation of Port Phillip. With a Foreword By General Sir Harry Chauvel
Author: Billis, R.V. And Kenyon, A.S. 1930 Macmillan & Company