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Encyclopaedia of Sexual Knowledge
Author: Haire, Norman; Costler, A.; Willy, A. and others (Haire, Norman Ed.) 1962 Encyclopaedic Press
Encyclopedia of Advertising: An Encyclopedia Containing More Than 1100 Entries Relating to Advertising, Marketing, Publishing, Law, Research, Public
Author: Graham, Irvin 1952 Fairchild Publications
Encyclopedia of Theology: A Concise Sacramentum Mundi
Author: Karl Rahner (ed) 1975 Burns & Oates
Encyklopaedie Der Weiblichen Handarbeiten
Author: Dillmont, Thérèse De Th. De Dillmont
End to Illusion: a Study of Post-War Europe. Translated By Maury Meiklejohn
Author: Schwarzschild, Leopold 1934 John Lane the Bodley Head
Energy Efficient Australian Housing, Second Edition
Author: Ballinger, John A, Prasad, Deo K., Rudder, Deborah (National Solar Architecture Research Unit, Unive 1997 Australian Government Publishing Service
Engineering Staff (Internal) Lectures 1945-46 Series: Road Construction and Maintenance
Author: Country Roads Board of Victoria Country Roads Board of Victoria
English 18th Century Cookery
Author: Roy Bloom
English Dialects: An Introduction
Author: Wakelin, Martyn F. 1972 The Athlone Press University of London
English Philosophy Since 1900 (The Home University Library of Modern Knowledge)
Author: G.J. Warnock 1963 Oxford University Press
English Religious Verse
Author: G.Lacey May (comp) 1937 J.M.Dent & Sons (Everyman's Library)
English Tagalog Dictionary
Author: English, Leo James 1965 Department of Education, Republic of the Philippines