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A History of Bathurst. Volume 1. The Early Settlement to 1862. Volume 2 From Settlement to City . Two Volume Set
Author: Barker, Theo 1992 Crawford House Press
A History of Burramine Gift Yarrawonga on the Occasion of the 60th Burramine Gift Saturday, March 19th 2011
Author: Connell, Frances (compiler)
A History of Cambodia. Second Edition
Author: Chandler, David P. 1993 Silkworm Books
A History of Christian Doctrine in Succession to the Earlier Works of G.P. Fisher Published in the International Theological Library series
Author: Herbert Cunliffe-Jones (ed) Assisted By Benjamin Drewery 1980 T&T Clark Ltd.
A History of Christian Thought Volume I: From the Beginnings to the Council of Calcedon in A.D.451
Author: Justo L. González 1970 Abingdon Press
A History of Christian Thought Volume III: From The Protestant Reformation to the Twentieth century
Author: Justo L. González 1975 Abingdon Press
A History of Christian Thought. Edited By Carl E. Braaten
Author: Paul Tillich 1968 SCM Press
A History of Christian Thought. Volume I: Early and Eastern from Jesus to John of Damascus.Volume II The West from Tertullian to Erasmus
Author: Arthur Cushman McGiffert 1954 Charles Scribner's Sons
A History of Christianity
Author: Kenneth Scott Latourette 1955 Eyre and Spottiswoode
A History of Croydon Volume 3 1967-1987
Author: McGivern, Muriel 1988 City of Croydon
A History of Ellisfield
Author: Sims-Williams, Marian and Hugh C.F.Hodgson & Son Printer
A History of European Thought in the Nineteenth Century. Volume III
Author: John Theodore Merz 1965 Dover Publications