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A History of No. 10 Squadron Royal Naval Air Service in World War I
Author: Westrop, Mike 2004 Schiffer Military History
A History of Our Own Times, from the Accession of Queen Victoria to the General Election of 1880. In Two Volumes. Volumes One and Two
Author: McCarthy, Justin M.P. 1892 Chatto & Windus
A History of Philosophy (The Home University Library of Modern Knowledge)
Author: Clement C.J. Webb 1944 Oxford University Press
A History of Philosophy Volume 3: From Bolzano to Wittgenstein
Author: Anders Wedberg 1984 Oxford University Press
A History Of Sport In Euroa And District. Centenary celebrated over nine days Easter 1980 From Easter Saturday, 5th April to 13th April.
Author: Halsall, C.W. 1979 Euroa Shire Council
A History of the Berrima District 1798-973. Chapters XXIII and XXIV By A.V.J. Parry
Author: Jervis, James 1973 Library of Australian History in Association with Wingecarribee Shire Council
A History of the Christian Church
Author: Williston Walker 1926 Charles Scribner's Sons
A History of the Church of England
Author: John R.H. Moorman 1961 Adam & Charles Black
A History of the Jews
Author: Johnson, Paul 1987 Weidelfeld and Nicholson
A History of the Modern Church from 1500 to the Present Day
Author: J.W.C. Wand 1961 Methuen and Co.
A history of the Protestant "Reformation" in England and Ireland: Showing How That Event Has Impoverished the Main Body of the People in Those Countries in a Series of Letters, Addressed to All Sensible and Just Englishmen.
Author: Cobbett, William James Duffy and Co.
A History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland Written in 1824-1827. A New Edition Revised with Notes and Preface By Francis Aidan Cardinal Gasquet.
Author: William Cobbett 1988 Tan Books and Publishers