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A Barefoot Doctor's Manual
Author: Revolutionary Health Committee of Hunan Provence 1979 Cloudburst Press
A Bibliography of Australian Children's Books
Author: Muir, Marcie 1970 Andre Deutsch
A Bibliography of Danish Literature in English Translation 1950-1980 with a Selection of Books About Denmark
Author: Schroeder, Carol L. 1982 Det Danske Selskab
A Bishop Speaks: Writings and Addresses 1963-1975
Author: Lefebvre, Mgr. Marcel Scottish Una Voce
A Brief History of Solil Conservation in Victoria 1834-1961
Author: Thompson, G.T. 1979 Soil Conservation Authority
A catalogue of engraved gems in the British museum (Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities.)
Author: Smith, A.H. 1888 Order of Trustees, British Museum
A Century of Progress in Printing 1830-1930. The Story of W.C. Penfold & Co. Ltd., showing how the City of Sydney and the House of Penfold have been united in progress over a period of 100 years.
Author: W.C. Penfold
A Century of Service: the Record of One Hundred Years Published for the Centenary of St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin, 23rd January 1934
Author: Brown and Nolan
A Century of the Best: The Stories of Collingwood's Favourite Sons
Author: Roberts, Michael 1992 Collingwood Football Club
A Century of Water Supply to Lorne. A 100 year history of the harnessing of the Erskine and St. George Rivers.
Author: McCormick, R.J. 1993 Colac Region Water Authority
A Certain Maritime Incident: The Sinking of Siev X
Author: Kevin, Tony 2004 Scribe Publications
A Chapter of Endless Possibilities: The Birth of Australian Military Aviation. The Proceedings of the 2001 RAAF History Conference.: Held in Canberra on 24 August 2001
Author: Brent, Wing Commander Keith (ed) 2002 RAAF Aerospace Centre