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The Amazing Travels of Ingrid Our Turtle By Land! Sea! Sky! Space!
Author: Lippman, Peter 1973 Golden Press
The America's Cup Races
Author: Stone, Herbert L. And Taylor, William H. 1958 D. Van Nostrand Company
The Amish Quilt
Author: Granick, Eve Wheatcroft 1989 Good Books
The Analytical Greek Lexicon
Author: 1967 Samuel Bagster and Sons
The Animal Smugglers and Other Wildlife Traders
Author: Nichol, John 1987 Christopher Hedlm
The Anzac Book : Written and Illustrated in Gallipoli by the Men of Anzac For the benefit of Patriotic Funds connected with the A. & N. Z.A.C. by Various.
Author: 1916 Cassell and Company
The Appeal to the Given: A Study in Epistemology
Author: Jacob Joshua Ross 1970 George Allen & Unwin
The Arab States In the Modern World
Author: Hennessy, Basil 1977 Holt, Rinehart and Winston
The Arabian Horse in Fact, Fantasy and Fiction
Author: Conn, George H. (ed) 1973 Arco
The Architecture of John Wellborn Root
Author: Hoffman, Donald 1988 The University of Chicago Press
The Art of Charles Wheeler O.B.E D.C.M.
Author: McDonald, J.S. 1952 Lothian Publishing
The Art of F. McCubbin Forty Five illustrations in colour and black and white, with essay by James MacDonald and some remarks on Australian art by the Artist
Author: 1986 Boolarong Publications