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The Art of Film
Author: Lindgren, Ernest 1963 George Allen and Unwin
The Art of German Cooking and Baking. Revised and Enlarged Edition Compiled and Published By Mrs. Lina Meier, German Cooking Teacher
Author: Meier, Mrs. Lina Nabu Public Domain
The Art of Ivan Gantschev. The Sun, the Moon and the Other Things. Die Sonne, der Mond und die anderen Dinge.
Author: Gantschev, Ivan 1994 North South Books
The Art of Living
Author: Maurois, Andre 1940 English Universities Press
The Art of Seeing 2: The best of Reuters Photography (2nd edition)
Author: Reuters Photographers 2003 Pearson Education
The Art of Selling: 12 Lessons in Salesmanship
Author: Arthur, Leonard W. Foulsham
The Art of Terracotta Pottery in Pre-Columbian Central and South America
Author: Wuthenau, Alexander Von 1969 Crown Publishers
The Art of the Boyds: Generations of Artistic Achievement.
Author: Dobrez, Patricia and Herbst, Peter Bay Books
The Art of the Japanese Book
Author: Hillier, Jack 1987 Sotheby's Publications
The Art of the New Zealand Quilt
Author: Nicholas, Anne 1988 Benton Ross
The Art of William Quiller Orchardson
Author: Armstrong, Walter 1895 Seeley and Co./ Macmillan and Co
The Arts of the South Pacific.
Author: Guiart, Jean ( Anthony Christie Translator) 1963 Thames and Hudson