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The Australian Legend
Author: Ward, Russel 1960 Oxford University Press
The Australian Novel
Author: 1958 Current Affairs Bulletin
The Australian Theatre: An Abstract and Brief Chronicle in Twelve Parts with Characteristic Illustrations
Author: McGuire, Paul (With Betty Arnott & Frances Margaret McGuire) 1948 Geoffrey Cumberlege Oxford University Press
The Australian Women's Weekly Preserves
Author: Clark, Pamela ( Food Director) 2010 ACP Books
The Australian Year Book 1933
Author: Kox, E.G. (ed) 1933 The Herald and Weekly Times
The Authority of the Biblical Revelation
Author: Herbert Cunliffe-Jones 1945 James Clarke & Co
The Baking Cookbook: Practical Recipes with Step-By-Step Instructions
Author: 2008 Star Fire
The Balthazar Cookbook
Author: McNally, Keith; Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson 2003 Clarkson Potter
The Barry Humphries Book of Innocent Australian Verse
Author: Humphries, Barry 1968 Sun Books
The Battle-Fields of Ireland, From 1688 to 1691: including Limerick and Athlone, Aughrim and The Boyne. Being an outline History of the Jacobite War in Ireland, and the Causes which led to it.
Author: 1879 Robert Coddington
The Battlefields of Gallipoli: Then and Now
Author: Steel, Nigel 1990 Leo Cooper
The Beach Boys for Guitar Tab
Author: Wise Publications