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Ravaged Innocents

Wright, John
The book has been covered in contact and has a bar code leabel on the tail of the front cover. This has been crossed outwith a black texta' there is a library stamp on the title page, and a branch allocation list on the back end paper. Apart from this damage, the book apears unread. v, 231 pages. Title on the front cover: Ravaged Innocents: Children of War. Joseph Kony and Beyond." "In Uganda and neighbouring Darfur there is no end of conflict in sight. Every night, hospitals and school halls are crowded by the many thousands of children who commute by night to relative safety from capture by Joseph Kony and other evil dictators." "There are many millions of innocent children who observe wars as non-participating civilians ...simple, inoffensive "bystanders" who lose their families, friends and lives just by being in a war zone. They endure starvation, disease, dehydration, exposure and the blinding depression of nothing-hood. Then there are the pitiful, uninvolved, despised "war-children" who suffer, with their mothers, simply for being considered the products of "illicit" mating between occupying forces and then forsaken, indigenous mothers. Many are in lonely, exposed, desolate, denied places from where they wander through dangerous worlds seeking their old homes and families. But the most spectacular victims are the "child soldiers" who fight and die in violent combat. They do so just like adults do, but more quickly because they are amateurs. They are most prolific in the "third world" but they can also be found in central Europe, Great Britain, the US and even Ireland. Most of us just don't feel strongly enough about their suffering to stop them buying arms and death and starving and dying of disease. We leave all that to the great philanthropic missions of the world but we must learn to love these children as well and give, rather than talk about them." (Publisher's blurb)
Published 2013 Jojo Publishing Docklands, Victoria
ISBN 9780987297563


Condition Jacket Condition Binding Size
Very Good N/A Soft Cover 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall
Good Reading Book Reference: 18536