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Gabriel Fauré
Author: Orledge, Robert 1979 Ernst Eulenburg
Galen on Medical Experience. First Edition of the Arabic Version with English Translation and Notes By R. Walzer.
Author: Galen (translated By R. Walzer) 1946 Oxford University Press for the Trustees of the Late Sir Henry Wellcome
Galen Rowell's Vision: The Art of Adventure Photography
Author: Rowell, galen 1993 Sierra Club Books
Gallipoli Memories
Author: Mackenzie, Compton 1929 Cassell and Company
Gallipoli: A Battlefield Guide
Author: Taylor, Phil and Cupper, Pam 1997 Kangaroo Press
Garden Design in Theory and Practice
Author: Agar, Madeleine 1911 Sidgwick and Jackson in Association with the Cultural Relics Publishing House
Garden Mania
Author: De Bay, Philip and James Bolton 2000 Thames and Hudson
Gardener Cook
Author: Lloyd, Christopher 1997 Viking Penguin Books Australia
Gardens of Hell : John Mitchel in Van Diemen's Land 1850-53
Author: Mitchel, John ( Peter O'Shaughnessy ed.) 1988 Kangaroo Press
Gastronomy of Italy
Author: Del Conte, Anna 2001 Viking Penguin Books Australia
Gateway to a Golden Land: Townsville to 1884. [Studies in North Queensland History No. 7]
Author: Gibson-Wilde, Dorothy M. 1984 History Department, James Cook University,
Gatt-Rutter, John
Author: The Bilingual Cockatoo: Writing Italian Australian lives 2014 Hybrid Publishers
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