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A Writer's Coach: The Complete Guide to Writing Strategies That Work
Author: Hart, Jack 2007 Anchor Books a Division of Random House
A Bank for the People: a History of the State Bank of Victoria
Author: Murray, Robert and Kate White 1992 Hargreen Publishing Company
A Bibliography of Australian Children's Books
Author: Muir, Marcie 1970 Andre Deutsch
A Biologist's Guide to Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Evolution
Author: Otto, Sarah P. And Troy Day 2007 Princeton University Press
A Book Collector's Notes; on Items Relating to the Discovery of Australia The First Settlement and the Early Coastal Exploration of the Continent
Author: Davidson, Rodney 1970 Cassell Australia
A Boy is a Boy: The Fun of Being a Boy
Author: Nash, Ogden 1961 J.M. Dent and Sons
A Brief History (Thompsons of Castlemaine)
A Bucket Full of Berries : Reflections on Whitehorse.
Author: Lewis, Murray (ed.) 2000 Vewrmont South Community House
A Bunyip Close Behind Me : Recollections of the Nineties by Eugénie McNeil, Retold by her Daughter Eugénie Crawford.
Author: McNeil, Eugénie and Eugéne Crawford 1972 The Hawthorn Press
A Calendar of Country Receipts
Author: Heaton, Nell 1950 Faber and Faber
A catalogue of engraved gems in the British museum (Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities.)
Author: Smith, A.H. 1888 Order of Trustees, British Museum
A Catalogue of Oil Paintings in the Pictorial Collection of the National Library of Australia.
Author: 1988 National Library of Australia
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