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A Century of Country Clay Selkirk the First 100 Years 1883-1983
Author: Haughton, N. 1983 Selkirk Brick
A Century of Service: the Record of One Hundred Years Published for the Centenary of St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin, 23rd January 1934
Author: St. Vincent's Hospital Dublin 1934 Brown and Nolan Limited
A Century of the Best: The Stories of Collingwood's Favourite Sons
Author: Roberts, Michael 1992 Collingwood Football Club
A Century of Union : The United Grand Lodge of Victoria
Author: Thornton, P.T. 1989 The United Grand Lodge of Victoria
A Century of Water Supply to Lorne. A 100 year history of the harnessing of the Erskine and St. George Rivers.
Author: McCormick, R.J. 1993 Colac Region Water Authority
A Choice Of Enemies : America Confronts The Middle East
Author: Freedman, Lawrence 2008 Weidenfeld and Nicolson
A Christian Critique of Art: Two Lectures Given at the Unionville Study Conference of the Association for Reformed Scientific Studies on August 28, 29, and 30, 1962 (Christian Perspectives Series 1963)
Author: Calvin Seerveld The Association for Reformed Scientific Studies
A Christian Theology of the Old Testament
Author: George A.F.Knight 1959 SCM Press
A Chronicle of Change
Author: Mansfield Historical Society (comp) Mansfield Historical Society
A City and its Setting. Images of Perth, Western Australia
Author: Seddon, George and Ravine, David 1986 Fremantle Arts Centre Press
A Coffin for Pandora
Author: Butler, Gwendoline 1973 Macmillan London
A Collection of O'Cal's Corner 2005
Author: O'Callaghan, Bill 2005 J.W. O'Callaghan
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