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A Deepening Roar. Scotch College, Melbourne, 1851 - 2001
Author: Mitchell, James 2001 Allen & Unwin
A Democratic South Africa? Constitutional Engineering in a Divided Society
Author: Horowitz, Donald L. 1991 University of California Press
A Devil's Chaplain: Selected Essays By Richard Dawkins
Author: Dawkins, Richard (Latha Menon Ed.) 2003 Weidenfeld and Nicolson
A Dictionary of Christian Ethics
Author: John Macquarrie (ed) 1967 SCM Press
A Dictionary of Christian Theology
Author: Alan Richardson (ed) 1969 SCM Press
A Dictionary of English Church History. New Edition
Author: Ollard, S.L.; Crosse, Gordon; Bond, Maurice F. (eds) 1948 A. R. Mowbray Morhouse-Gorham
A Dictionary of English Surnames.
Author: Reaney, R. H.& Wilson, R. M. 1995 Oxford University Press
A Dictionary of False Friends
Author: Hill, Robert J. 1979 The Macmillan Press
A Dictionary of Metallography
Author: Rolfe, R.T. 1945 Chapman and Hall
A Distant Music. The Life and Times of Alfred Hill 1870-1960.
Author: Thomson, John Mansfield 1980 Oxford University Press
A Dream Come True: From the Sheltered Workshop of Pelican to Merriwa Industries Limited
Author: Davis, Rod Merriwa Industries
A Dwelling Place
Author: Nicholson, Peter 1997 Wellington Lane Press
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