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A Dictionary of Hymnology setting forth the Origin and History of Christian Hymns of All Ages and Nations. 4 Volume Set (A-Z Plus Index and appendix)
Author: Julian, John 1908 John Murray
A Dictionary of Metallography
Author: Rolfe, R.T. 1945 Chapman and Hall
A Distant Music. The Life and Times of Alfred Hill 1870-1960.
Author: Thomson, John Mansfield 1980 Oxford University Press
A Dream Come True: From the Sheltered Workshop of Pelican to Merriwa Industries Limited
Author: Davis, Rod Merriwa Industries
A Dwelling Place
Author: Nicholson, Peter 1997 Wellington Lane Press
A Far Cry: Neil Douglas Spinning Yarns with Abbie Heathcote
Author: Heathcote, Abbie 1979 Karella Publications
A Field Companion to the Butterflies of Australia and New Zealand
Author: D'Abrera, Bernard 1984 The Five Mile Press
A Field Guide to Australian Native Shrubs
Author: Holliday, Ivan & Watton, Geoffrey 1978 Rigby
A Field Guide To Australian Rocks, Minerals & Gemstones
Author: Mayer, Wolf 1992 Ure Smith
A Field Guide to Australian Trees
Author: Holliday, Ivan and Ron Hill 1979 Rigby
A Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers Volume One
Author: Paine, Roland and Hodgson, Margaret 1987 Rigby Publishers
A Field Guide to Reptiles of the Australian High Country
Author: Jenkins, Robert and Roger Bartell 1980 Inkata Press
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