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A history of the Protestant "Reformation" in England and Ireland: Showing How That Event Has Impoverished the Main Body of the People in Those Countries in a Series of Letters, Addressed to All Sensible and Just Englishmen.
Author: Cobbett, William James Duffy and Co.
A History of the War: In Maps, In Pictographs, In Words
Author: Modley, Rudolf 1944 Infantry Journal: Penguin Books
A History of Wentworth...Sunraysia's Oldest Town
Author: Tulloch, David 1984 Wentworth Shire Council
A Homestead History being the Reminiscences and Letters of Alfred Joyce of Plaistow and Norwood, Port Phillip, 1843 to 1864.
Author: Joyce, Alfred (G.F. James ed.) 1969 Oxford University Press
A Hundred Million Francs
Author: Berna, Paul 1975 Bodley Head
A Hunter's Adventures in the Great West
Author: Gillmore, Parker 1871 Hurst and Blackett
A Journey with Colour A History of Queensland Opal 1869-1979
Author: Cram, Len 1998 Len Cram
A Jubilee History of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria or, The Rise and Progress of Presbyterianism from the Foundation of the Colony to 1888.
Author: Hamilton, Robert 1888 M.L. Hutchinson; Hodder and Stoughton; Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier
A L'ombre des Jeunes Filles et des Fleurs / In the Shadow of Young Girls and Flowers : a Guide to Women Artists in the Benalla Art Gallery Collection - Pre 1960
Author: Peers, Juliet (curator) 1995 Benalla Art Gallery
A Labyrinth of Kingdoms: 10,000 Miles Through Islamic Africa
Author: Kemper, Steve 2012 W.W. Norton and Company
A Layman's Guide to the Geology of Central Australia
Author: Woolley, D.R. 1973 Alice Springs Tourist Promotion Association with the assistance of the Northern Territory Tourist Board, Alice Springs
A Life Full of Holes; a Novel Tape-Recorded in Moghrebi And Translated into English by Paul Bowles
Author: Driss Ben Hamed Charhadi 1966 Panther Books
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