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A monograph of the Silurian bivalved Mollusca of Victoria, (Memoirs of the National Museum. Melbourne)
Author: Chapman, Frederick 1908 J. Kemp, Government Printer
A Most Ingenious Hospital : A History of Sandringham and District Memorial Hospital 1940 - 1990.
Author: Nunn, Harry 1990 Sandringham and District Memorial Hospital
A Nation Charred: Report on the Inquiry into Bushfires. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Recent Australian Bushfires. 23 October 2003 Canberra
Author: The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia 2003 Commonwealth of Australia:
A Nation's Voice: An Anthology of American Short Fiction
Author: Timmerman, John H. 1995 Harcourt Brace College Publishers
A Naturalist in Alaska
Author: Murie, Adolph 1996 The University of Arizona Press
A New Catechism: Catholic Faith for Adults
Author: 1967 Herder and Herder
A New Green History Of The World: The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations
Author: Ponting, Clive 2007 Vintage Books
A New History of Documentary Film Second Edition
Author: McLane, Betsy A. 2012 Continuum
A Night at the Theatre
Author: Harwood, Ronald (ed) 1982 Methuen
A Noose for Ned . Reprint of a Very Rare Pamphlet with a Foreword by Frank Clune
Author: The Hawthorn Press
A Paradise for Twitts: The Life and Times of a Goulburn Valley Selector
Author: Twitt, Adrian 1974 The Author
A Path is Set: The Catholic Church in the Port Phillip District and Victoria 1839-1862.
Author: O'Kane, Frances 1976 Melbourne University Press
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