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A Path is Set: The Catholic Church in the Port Phillip District and Victoria 1839-1862.
Author: O'Kane, Frances 1976 Melbourne University Press
A Pathway to Heaven. Translated By Antonia White
Author: Bordeaux, Henry 1952 Victor Gollancz
A Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured" from Memories and Portraits, 1887.
Author: Stevenson, Robert Louis 1948 Benjamin Pollock
A Perfect Moral Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change
Author: Gardiner, Stephen M. 2011 Oxford University Press
A Pictorial History of Strahan: A Chronicle of the people and events that led to the settlement of Strahan, and the changes to the little port that was once the busiest in Tasmania
Author: Kok, Arjan 1999 Hindsight
A Place Apart. The University of Melbourne: Decades of Challenge
Author: Poynter, John and Carolyn Rasmussen 1996 Melbourne University Press
A Place in Space : Ethics, Aesthetics, and Watersheds
Author: Snyder, Gary 1995 Counterpoint
A Place to Remember: a History of the Shrine of Remembrance
Author: Scates, Bruce 2009 Cambridge University Press
A Plague of Rats and Rubber Vines. The Growing Threat of Species Invasion
Author: Baskin, Yvonne 2002 Island Press / Shearwater Books
A Pogo's Perspective: A Non-Combatant Soldier's Viet Nam Experience, Its Affect & Aftermath
Author: Smith, Greg 2007 Temple House
A Poison in the Bloodstream
Author: Consedine, Jim 1990 Cape Catley
A Port Fairy Childhood 1849/60 : The Memoirs of Margaret Emily Brown (Youngman)
Author: Brown, Margaret Emily (Foreword by Dr. Jan Critchett; edited by Mary Griffith) 1990 Port Fairy Historical Society
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