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Footprints to Hoofprints to Newsprint: The Story of the Albury Paper Mill
Author: Hicks, David William 2008 Specialty Press
Footprints: a History of the Shire of Tullaroop
Author: Willis, Barbara 1988 Shire of Tullaroop
Footy Town: Stories of Australia's Game
Author: Daffey, Paul and John Harms (eds) 2013 Malarkey Publications
For Australia and Other Poems
Author: Lawson, Henry Lothian Book Publishing Co,
Forage Evaluation: Concepts and Techniques. Proceedings of a workshop entitled 'Forage evaluation and utilization - an appraisal of concepts and techniques' held in Armidale, NSW, 27-31 October, 1980, under the auspices of the U.S./Australia Cooperative S
Author: Wheeler, J.L. And Mochrie, RD. Eds. 1981 American Forage and Grassland Council/CSIRO
Force and Statecraft: Diplomatic Problems of Our Time
Author: Craig, Gordon A. and Alexander L. George 1983 Oxford University Press
Forest Farming: Towards a Solution to Problems of World Hunger and Conservation. With a Preface By E.F. Schumacher
Author: J.Sholto Douglas & Robert A De Hart 1993 Intermediate Technology Publications
Forest Nursery Tree List Creswick Macedon
Author: Forest Commision of Victoria
Forest of Dreams and Other Journeys of the Red Road
Author: Williams, Roderick 2006 Bonza Blue Dog Publications
Forest Soils and Nutrient Cycles
Author: Attiwill, P.M. And Leeper, G.W. 1987 Melbourne University Press
Forever Lost, Forever Gone
Author: Hill, Paddy Joe and Hunt, Gerard 1996 Bloomsbury
formalLogic: Its Scope and Limits
Author: Richard C. Jeffrey 1967 McGraw-Hill Book Company
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