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Walking Tour of South Yarra West
Author: Slater, L. Oscar 1987 Prendergast Publishers
Wallaby Airlines: Twelve Months Caribou Flying in Vietnam
Author: Pedrina, Jeff 2006 Air Power Development Centre
Wanderings in South - Eastern Seas
Author: Cameron, Charlotte 1924 T. Fisher Unwin
Author: Whittaker, D.M. 1963 Council of the City of Wangaratta
Wangaratta 1959 - 1984 A Silver City
Author: O'Callaghan, Bill and Findlay, Bill 1984 City of Wangaratta
Wangaratta Old Tales and Tours
Author: Bassett, Judith and Harman, Edna 1983 Neptune Press
Wangaratta Racing History 1845-1986
Author: Findlay, W.J. (Bill) (comp) for Wangaratta Turf Club Incorporated. 1987 Wangaratta Turf Club Incorporated.
War of Liberation: Recollections of a Communist Activist
Author: Trory, Ernie 1988 People's Publications
War Through Artists' Eyes: Paintings & Drawings By British War Artists. Selected and Introduced By Eric Newton
Author: Newton, Eric 1945 John Murray
Warfare in the Classical World: War and the Ancient Civilisations of Greece and Rome (Classic Conflicts )
Author: Warry, John 1998 Salamander Books
Warlock at the Wheel and Other Stories
Author: Jones, Diana Wynne 1984 Macmillan Children's Books
Warm House, Cool House: Inspirational Designs for Low-Energy Housing.
Author: Hollo, Nick 2005 Choice Books (Australian Consumers Association)
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