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Ecological Assembly Rules: Perspectives Advances, Retreats
Author: Weiher, Evan and Keddy, Paul (eds) 2001 Cambridge University Press
Ecological Economics : Energy, Environment and Society
Author: Martinez-Alier, Juan with Klaus Schlupmann 1990 Basil Blackwell
Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development: Selected Essays of Herman Daly (Advances in Ecological Economics)
Author: Daly, Herman E. 2007 Edward Elgar
Ecological Ethics: An Introduction
Author: Curry, Patrick 2012 Polity Press
Ecological Imperialism : The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900
Author: Crosby, Alfred W. 1993 Cambridge University Press
Ecological Integrity and the Management of Ecosystems
Author: Woodley, Steven; James Kay and George Francis 1993 St. Lucie Press
Ecological Integrity: Intergrating Environment, Conservation, and Health
Author: Pimentel, David; Westra, Laura and Noss, Reed F. (eds) 2000 Island Press
Ecological Modeling : A Common-Sense Approach to Theory and Practice
Author: Grant, William E. And Todd M. Swannack 2008 Blackwell Publishing
Ecological Models and Data in R
Author: Bolker, Benjamin R. 2008 Princeton University Press
Ecological Scale: Theory and Applications
Author: Peterson, DavidL and V. Thomas Parker (eds) 1998 Columbia University Press
Ecology of Soil Seed Banks
Author: Leck, Mary Alessio; V. Thomas Parker and Robert L. Simpson (eds) 1989 Academic Press
Ecoregions : The Ecosystem Geography of the Oceans and Continents
Author: Bailey, Robert G 1998 Springer
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