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English Dialects: An Introduction
Author: Wakelin, Martyn F. 1972 The Athlone Press University of London
English Journey : Being a Rambling But Truthful Account of What One Man Saw and Heard and Felt and Thought During a Journey Through England During the Autumn of the Year 1933.
Author: Priestley, J.B. (Introduced by Margaret Drabble) 1997 Folio Society
English Parish Register Transcripts: A List of All Known Transcripts of English Parish Registers Held in Australian and New Zealand Libraries
Author: Hall, E.J. Vine 1983 Society of Australian Genealogists
English Philosophy Since 1900 (The Home University Library of Modern Knowledge)
Author: G.J. Warnock 1963 Oxford University Press
English Song Book. Collected and Edited, with an Introduction by Harold Scott.
Author: Scott, Harold (comp) 1926 Chapman and Hall
English Tagalog Dictionary
Author: English, Leo James 1965 Department of Education, Republic of the Philippines
Enid Blyton's Marigold Story Book
Author: Blyton, Enid John Gifford
Enigmas of Agency: Studies in the Philosophy of Human Action (Muirhead Library of Philososphy)
Author: Irving Thalberg 1972 George Allen & Unwin
Enoteca Pinchiorri. Il Gusto dell'Eccellenza
Author: Pinchiorri, Giorgio and Féolde, Annie 2004 Giunti Editore
Enthüllungen des Mr..s berühmten geheimen Kriminalpolizei Officiers von Scotland Yard und Vertrauten Napoleons III
Author: Verlag Des Literatur- Bureau
Environment Protection Act. Reprint No..9
Author: Environment Protection Authority Victoria 1994 Law Printer a Business Unit of Printing and Publishing Services Victoria
Environmental Law in Australia. Third Edition
Author: Bates, G.M. 1992 Butterworths
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