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Religious Authority in an Age of Doubt
Author: Rupert E. Davies 1968 Epworth Press
Religious Currents in the Nineteenth Century. Translated from the Danish By P.M. Mitchell and W./D. Paden
Author: Grønbech, Vilhelm 1973 Southern Ilinois University Press/Feffer and Simons
Religious Language: An Empirical Placing of Theological Phrases (The Library of Philosophy and Theology
Author: Ian T. Ramsey 1957 SCM Press
Religious Thought in the Nineteenth Century Illustrated from Writers of The Period
Author: Bernard M.G. Reardon 1966 Cambridge University Press
Reluctant Harbour: The Romance of Pirie
Author: Robinson, Nancy 1976 Nadjuri Australia
Reluctant Italians? : One Hundred Years of the Dante Alighieri Society in Melbourne. With a Prologue and Epilogue By Anna Maria Sabbione and Thomas Hazell
Author: Mayne, Alan 1997 Dante Alighieri Society
Remembering Anita Cobby: The Case, the Husband, the Aftermath - 30 Years On.
Author: Morri, Mark 2016 Random House Australia
Remembering the Present - A Braidwood Portrait
Author: Milligan, Terry 2000 Stillpoint Photographics
Reminiscences of Ages Past : Twenty-Five Homes in Twenty-Five Years
Author: Smyth, Jennifer (nee Haggard)
Reminiscences of an Australian Pioneer
Author: Barton, Robert D. 1917 Tyrrell's Limited
Reminiscences of Australian Early Life By a Pioneer
Author: Phillips, John 1893 A.P. Marsden
Reminiscences of Life in the Country Roads Board
Author: 1995 VicRoads Retirees Association