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Christianity Divided: Protestant and Roman Catholic Theological Issues
Author: Daniel J.Callahan, Heiko A Obermann and Daniel J. O'Hanlon (eds) 1962 Sheed and Ward
Christianity: Its Essence and History
Author: Hans K√ľng 1995 SCM Press
Christus Veritas: An Essay
Author: William Temple 1925 MacMillan and Co.
Church and People 1789-1889. A History of the Church of England from William Wilberforce to "Lux Mundi". In Three Parts.
Author: Carpenter, S.C. 1959 SPCK
Church: Community for the Kingdom
Author: Fuellenbach, John 2008 Logos Publications
Ciano's Diplomatic Papers.
Author: Ciano, Galeazzo. Muggeridge, Malcolm (ed) 1948 Odhams Press
Cities and Civilisations
Author: Hibbert, Christopher 2003 Folio Society
Cities of Sicily
Author: Hutton, Edward 1921 Methuen and Co.
Cities of Sin
Author: De Leeuw, Hendrik 1953 Neville Spearman
Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii & Herculaneum
Author: Grant, Michael 1979 Penguin Books
Civil Rights Directory 1981. U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Clearinghouse Publications 15 (revised) January 1981
Author: Flemming, Arthur S. [Chairman] 1981 U. S. Commission On Civil Rights
Civilized Magic: An Interpretive Guide to Australian Paintings
Author: Millar, Ronald 1974 Sorrett Publishing
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