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Charles Conder.
Author: Hoff, Ursula ( General Editor John Henshaw) 1972 Lansdowne Press
Charles Quint
Author: Chaunu, Pierre & Escamilla, Michèle 2000 Le Grand Livre Du Mois
Charlie Hammond's Sketch-book. Ibntroduced by Christopher Fry.
Author: Hammond, Charlie 1980 Oxford University Press
Charlotte's Web Collector's Edition
Author: White, E.B. 1999 HarperCollins
Chasing Lance: The 2005 Tour De France and Lance Armstrong's Ride of a Lifetime
Author: Dugard, Martin 2005 Time Warner Books
Chateau Monty
Author: Waldin, Monty 2008 Portico
Checklist of the Birds of Australia Part 1 Non-Passerines
Author: Condon, H.T. 1975 Royal Australian Ornithologists Union
Chemicals and the Artist: A Health and Safety Handbook for Students, Teachers and Artworkers
Author: Hall, Bob 1991 Artsafe Australia, Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Melbourne
Chemistry and Enzymology of Marine Algal Polysaccharides
Author: Percival, Elizabeth and McDowell, Richard H. 1967 Academic Press
Chemistry of Molten Salts : An Introduction to the Physical and Inorganic Chemistry of Molten Salts and Salt Vapors.
Author: Bloom, Harry 1967 W.A. Benjamin Inc
Chicago: Growth of a Metropolis.
Author: Mayer, Harold M and Wade, Richard C., with the assistance of Glen E. Holt. Cartography by Gerald F. 1969 The University of Chicago Press
Chicago's Highways Old and New: From Indian Trail to Motor Road
Author: Quaife, Milo M. 1923 D.F. Keller
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