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Christian Ethics and Contemporary Philosophy (The Library of Philosophy and Theology)
Author: Ian T. Ramsey (ed) 1966 SCM Press
Christian News-Letter.Vol.I No.2 April 1953
Author: John Lawrence (ed) Christian Frontier Council
Christian News-Letter.Vol.I No.I. January 1953
Author: John Lawrence (ed) Christian Frontier Council
Christian Newsletter
Author: John Lawrence (ed) The Christian Frontier Council
Christian Perspectives on Religious Knowledge
Author: C.Stephen Evans and Merold Westphal (eds) 1993 William B Eerdmans Publishing Company
Christian Social Ethics in a Changing World; An Ecumenical Theological Inquiry.
Author: Bennett, John C. 1967 Association Press
Christian Themes in Contemporary Poets: A Study of English Poetry of the Twentieth Century
Author: Kathleen E. Morgan 1965 SCM Press
Christian Theology and Metaphysics (The New Reformation Series)
Author: Baelz, Peter R. 1968 Epworth Press
Christian Theology: An Ecumenical Approach. Revised and Enlarged Edition
Author: Walter Marshall Horton 1958 Harper & Row
Christian Thinking Today
Author: Nathaniel Micklem 1967 Gerald Duckworth & Co.
Christianity According to St. John
Author: W.F. Howard 1952 Duckworth
Christianity and Paradox: Critical Studies in Twentieth Century Theology
Author: Ronald W. Hepburn 1958 Watts
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