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Civilized Magic: An Interpretive Guide to Australian Paintings
Author: Millar, Ronald 1974 Sorrett Publishing
Clapton Chronicles - The Best of Eric Clapton
Author: Wise Publications
Clare Carson at Wilga Junction: Bush Nurse in the Australian Outback
Author: Elliott, Mary 1970 Rigby
Class in Australia
Author: McGregor, Craig 1997 Penguin Books Australia
Classic Acoustic Playlist 2
Author: 2004 International Music Publications
Classic Chinese Cooking for the Vegetarian Gourmet
Author: Hush, Joanne 1984 Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
Classic Cookies: Biscotti Macaroons and More
Author: The Australian Women's Weekly 2011 ACP Books
Classic Natural History Prints Plants
Author: Robson, Eve and Robson, Norman 1990 Studio Editions
Classing The Clip: A Handbook On Wool-Classing
Author: Cowley, Clarence Edward 1928 Angus and Robertson
Cleopatra Rochfort Daunt 1860-1944: A Biography
Author: Stewart, Betty 2000 Access Press
Climate Change - An Australian Guide to the Science and Potential Impacts
Author: Pittock, Barrie (ed) 2003 Australian Greenhouse Office
Climate Change : The Science, Impact and Solutions. Second Edition
Author: Pittock, A Barrie 2009 CSIRO Publishing / Earthscan
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